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Detroit Body Products - Original Automotive Interior Trim Catalogue

Pacific Restyling Products is an Official Distributor for Detroit Body Products and their Catalogues.  They have been supplying supplying OEM fabrics and vinyls since 1955 and their name has become synonymous with the Detroit Book.

What is the Detroit Book?

The Detroit Book is published annually and is the only source providing fabric and vinyl samples in a master binder. The "Industry Standard" catalogues feature samples grouped by manufacturer with clearly identified reference part numbers. The samples represent fabrics being used in every production vehicle being produced in North America.

What type of fabrics are in the Catalogue?

The Detroit Body Products warehouse, located in Wixom, Michigan, USA., maintains a huge selection of Original Body Cloth, Vinyls, Headliners, "Antique and Retro" fabrics dating back to the 1950s. In addition to this, they also offer transportation fabrics as well as a robust offering of automotive carpeting in a wide range of factory match-like colours.

OEM Factory Match Leather and Vinyl Program

The Detroit Factory Leather and Vinyl Match Program is a great source for leather seat repairs. The offer factory colour matching as well as matching grains. If you are repairing an insert or a side pice on a seat, the grain and colour match is a big selling point.

Buying Direct with Pacific Restyling has Advantages and Savings

Placing your orders with Pacific Restyling has several advantages:

  1. Your orders are Shipped Directly to your door form their central location in Michigan. The travel time will be about 3-4 days using our UPS Account and Ground Service. Place your order with us - they'll pick your order - They'll ship it and you receive it in about one week.
  2. You will receive the advantage of our High Volume UPS Discount Rate, so you can Save on Shipping costs. Our experience with trans-border business will keep things nice and simple for you.
  3. We will also extend our high volume discount with our Cross-Border Broker. We ship and receive hundreds of packages across the border and we want pass on our savings to you. You should be able to save at least $50.00 USD on every order.

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