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Pacific Restyling is leading the way with best-in-class auto parts sourced from OEM and aftermarket manufacturers, such as custom-fit, universal seat covers, leather seat replacement, seat heater system, lumbar support, and other automotive products for all kinds of vehicle makes and models. Prioritizing durability and year-round suitability, we have something for all car, truck, Jeep, and SUV owners, including vehicular protection, spare parts, and luxury items.

Automotive Products

Custom Seat Covers For Popular Trucks & Cars

Wheel Bands™

Never worry about the condition of your wheels again. This Award Winning Solution for parallel parking offers the best look and protection in the marketplace, with both individual bands as well as complete kits for your wheel and rim protection needs.

Promaster Parts Rim Protection Complete Kit

Complete Kit

Complete Kit contains a mounting track and a round insert, as well as a Custom Installation Tool and free alcohol wipes too.

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Promaster Parts Wheel Bands Rim protection

Colored Inserts

Colored Inserts are available in 12 colors. The track color can match the paint colour of your vehicle.

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rim protection promaster parts

Mounting Tracks

Mounting Tracks can be purchased separately and are available in 3 colors – Black, Silver, and Red.

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