Pacific Seat Heaters


Many of you will be purchasing a new vehicle soon, it just makes sense to think about getting seat heaters.

In Canada and many parts of the U.S., the Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons are Cool to Cold and Unfortunately warm Summer weather only lasts for about 4 to 5 months. Buying your New Car, Truck or SUV equipped with Seat Heaters adds value and comfort to your vehicle.

There are a few ways to equip your new automobile with seat heaters:

  1. Buy a vehicle from the dealership lot which already has seat heaters installed - This is a good choice.
  2. Buy a vehicle and ADD an Upgrade Package - What's the Cost of the Upgrade and Do you Really want everything or just 1 or 2 things?
  3. Buy the vehicle you want and Create a Custom Package with high quality Aftermarket Accessories. You will usually Save Money and get the upgrades you're really looking for.

Financing Aftermarket Accessories Always ask your Salesperson about bundling the cost of seat heaters, a new leather interior or even a lumbar system into the financing of your new vehicle. Your comfort and luxury upgrades will be included into your monthly payments.

If you already own your vehicle and would like a set of seat heaters installed, Simply give us a call for a Free Quote Your Aftermarket seat warmers will be professionally installed and carry a Warranty of 3 years or 60,000 Kms.

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