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What’s an Automotive Lumbar Support Worth?

An Automotive Lumbar Support can make or break a deal; it’s that simple. Would you want to buy a car that doesn’t have comfortable seats? Imagine seeing the Truck of your dreams and getting up behind the wheel to get comfortable, but you can’t. Even after sliding the seat back and forth and adjusting the backrest, you realize something’s not sitting right. You find yourself slouching in the seat and trying to sit up straight is a bit tough because your lower back is unsupported and uncomfortable.

Making a deal for the vehicle you want.

This is the make or break moment because that Dream Truck is just a Lumbar Support away. The salesperson wants to sell you that truck and you want to buy it, so what do you do?

Have a discussion about upgrading the comfort of those seats. The car manufacturers try to create a seat that should be comfortable for the average person. They select the density of the seating foam and the contouring for the seat shape, hoping it satisfies a majority of buyers. Well, they don’t always hit a home run. Discussing Aftermarket Options is the first step to getting what you want.

What is the Aftermarket?

The Aftermarket refers to Non-Factory or Secondary Market Parts and Accessories. This would include Alloy Rims, Bush Guards, Running Boards, Lights, Automotive Leather Kits, Seat Heaters, Lumbar Support Systems and many more. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) was formed in 1963 to develop uniform standards and today more than 6,500 manufacturers, distributors, retailers, educators are active members.

Schukra Automotive Lumbar Support

Pacific Restyling is the North American Master Distributor for Schukra Automotive Lumbar Systems. The lumbar systems we supply and install are aftermarket versions of the OEM factory models. The quality is as good, but the design may have a slight variation compared to those installed on the assembly line.