Automotive Lumbar Support

All vehicles should be equipped with a Lumbar Support System. It would allow us to adjust the seat to make driving a lot more comfortable. Auto manufacturers try to make the seats comfortable, we all know that they don't always succeed. With so many body types and sizes and how can they get it right?

A Schukra Lumbar Support is a great way to improve the quality of your ride. Some of us experience minor discomfort in our lower back area, while others have a greater degree of pain in their lower lumbar area. Schukra Lumbar Products are Global Leaders in advancing ergonomics and finding solutions for the millions of drivers around the world. Schukra Lumbar Systems are used by car manufacturers around the world.

Unfortunately, they are not always Standard Equipment in the vehicle you drive. Sometimes they are grouped as an Option Package when you're buying your new car or truck, But does it make sense to pay for the whole package if all you really wanted was some Lower Back Support? The Answer is NO and we Agree with You!

The next time you're buying a new vehicle, ask the sales person about getting a Schukra Lumbar System. They can include this in the financing of your vehicle so it's part of your monthly car payments. If you already own a vehicle, ask us how we can help you make your drive a lot more comfortable.

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