Automotive Seat Heaters with Health Benefits

Pacific Automotive Seat Heaters use carbon fiber and thermal fiber technology
Pacific Automotive Seat Heaters use Carbon Fiber and Thermal Fiber™ Technology

Pacific Restyling Automotive Seat Heaters are the most advanced in Design and Materials. Sure, they do a great job of keeping you warm on those cold snowy days, but they’re also an effective solution for convertibles driving on those cool nights. So, what makes our brand so special and what are the health benefits?

The Healing Powers in our Seat Heaters

Pacific Seat Heaters have the power to deliver Healthy Results by using 1K Carbon Fiber Yarn which maximizes the Infrared Heat delivered to your body. This type of heat is different than the heat from your car’s heating / cooling system. With your car, the engine has to warm-up before hot air can be blown through the vents.

In contrast, our automotive seat heaters radiate heat directly into your body. Your body absorbs this heat allowing it to penetrate past your skin and into tissue and muscles. As heat permeates different parts of your body, you start to relax, experience improved blood circulation, lower blood pressure. Infrared Heat can help make your drive a lot more pleasant and improve your health

Lastly, studies indicate that almost everyone will experience Lower Back Pain eventually in their lifetime. However, there are many of us who try and cope with this condition on a daily basis. Infrared Seat Heaters will soothe your back and lower discs with the deep penetrating heat, but adding a Lumbar Support System to assist in correcting your posture is fundamental.

The Best design and Seat Heater materials

Designing a Seat Heater that’s Installer Friendly.

We started by listening to challenges that professional installers faced and through that process we developed The Modular Seat Heater. It all centred on the Core Wiring Harness which allowed installers to Disconnect the Power Lead Wires from the harness. Something that simple saved so much time and a lot of frustration.

A Small Idea’s Big Impact

The impact of being able to disconnect the power lead made a huge difference. Now you had open access to lift the carpet out of the way, run the wires and put the seats back in the vehicle and simply plug the wire connectors together.

In contrast, other brands force installers to put the heating pads on and tuck the harness under the seat. Finally, they would have to “fish” the wires under the automotive carpet to try and find power. Wow, what a headache and a waste of time.

Pacific 1K Carbon Fiber Automotive Seat Heaters
Pacific 1K Carbon Fiber Automotive Seat Heaters

We wanted the most Efficient and Consistent means of delivering power to our heating pads. Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals and that quality is what was required to deliver the results we wanted. This is the reason why we dismissed the cheaper and more commonly used Copper; it wasn’t as good.

We went one step further by pairing it with 1K Carbon Fibres for the heating material. We wanted pads which would withstand fatigue, yet deliver exceptional performance, pliability and strength. The 1K seat heaters™ also deliver … Health Benefits.

The Advantages of Pacific’s Modular Seat Heaters

OCS Sensor Problem; the Ram Truck and Honda Accord both feature an Occupant Classification System (OCS). The sensor is located on the backrest. You should not install a seat heater pad over the OCS sensor because the electromagnetic field causes the OCS warning light to flash. As a result, many installers have not been been putting a heating pad on the passenger side backrest. This has generated many complaints from new car dealers, saying that they paid for heated seats for both seats. This is awkward for both the installer and the dealership who has to explain why the passenger can only get a heated seat cushion.

OCS Sensor Solution; disconnect the large carbon fibre pad from the harness and connect a set of Pacific’s Bolster Pads. They feature Shielded Thermal Fibre Technology which generates strong infrared heat, only drawing about 3.0 amps. These replacement pads will be installed on the side bolsters of the backrest; far enough away that the OCS sensor warning is never triggered.

Summary: Using our Modular System, solves the problem for the installer, the dealership and the customer gets a full heated passenger seat.

Benefits of a Well Designed Seat Heater

Our 1K Seat Heaters™ are one of the most effective and versatile heating systems in the industry. They’re designed to help relieve discomfort in your lower back, your muscles, joints, reduce hypertension and even promotes cardiovascular health. They say a brisk walk is good for your heart, well driving in a few miles with 1K seat heaters™ has its health benefits too.