Katzkin Leather Seats

2019 Ford Mustang Coupe Ecoboost - Leather Seat

Katzkin Leather Seats is an Affordable Luxury

The most popular brand for automotive interior upgrades is Katzkin Leather Seats.

Upgrading your cloth to leather is easy

1. Start by selecting the leather colour you want for your vehicle

Katzkin Leather Colors Available2018 Katzkin Leather Sample Card

This sample card gives you an idea of the range of colours available to upgrade from cloth to leather. Your new car dealership has been provided with a sample card like the one above and they also have master set of leather samples. You can take the samples and lay them on the seat or put it beside the plastic trim to see which colour matches best. If you would like to see the leather samples in person, come visit us 1280 Clark Dive in Vancouver, BC.

2. Choose the look of your new custom leather interior

Katzkin Leather Styles AvailableKatzkin offers many 2-Tone Design Options

Customizing your Katzkin Leather Seats puts you in the drivers seat as the designer. In other words, this gives you creative control over the different colour combinations, contrast stitching details, the style of perforation and even the embroidery options. Besides, you could never have this much control if you purchased a stock factory leather package.

3. Start Here by Selecting Your Year / Make / Model.

  1. Configure the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle
  2. Choose the Design which appeals to you.
  3. Click the button to print your design spec sheet or save it on your device.
  4. Bring or Email your design spec sheet to info@pacificrestyling.com. We will discuss your request with you.

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History of how Katzkin used marketing muscle to build a Brand

In 1983, Mitch and Lesley Katz started a leather desk accessory business, by 1986 they realized that more leather hides were being sold to auto upholstery shops than used as desk trimmings. The Honda Accord was the best selling compact sedan in 1986 with more than 325,000 sold. Katzkin shifted gears and offered ready-to-install leather interiors to auto upholstery shops.

Turning Upholstery Shops into Automotive Restylers

A Full Service Restyling Shop in ActionA Full Service Restyling Shop in Actions

While Classic Soft Trim was developing corporate stores, Katzkin was cleverly changing auto upholstery shops into Automotive Restylers. One of the tactics employed by Katzkin’s marketing director, Kristine Brantley, was sending faxes and using print ads to position them as market leaders and that formula worked. The result was a consistent marketing message using reinforcement by repetition, as a result Katkin’s brand became synonymous with automotive restylers in North America.

Auto Industry Recognition from MOPAR, Fiat Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ford

Auto Industry enlists Katzkin as a Tier SuppliernAuto Industry enlists Katzkin as a Tier Supplier

20 years after Mitch Katz started the business in 1983, Daimler Chrysler, one of the Big 3 U.S. auto manufacturers, took the first step in recognizing the quality of Katzkin leather interiors as being on par with OEM quality. This opened the door, allowing customers to order aftermarket leather seat upgrades that would be covered by Chrysler’s factory warranty. Ford Motor Company did the same thing in 2008 when they announced that Katzkin would be their exclusive supplier of aftermarket leather.

Marketing partnership with Foose Designs

Chip Foose Designed Special Edition Leather Interiors for KatzkinChip Foose Designed Special Edition Leather Interiors for Katzkin

Chip Foose is an award winning automobile designer and Star of the TV Show Overhaulin’. Having designed some of the most amazing Hot Rods and Custom Cars in America, the industry has recognized his achievements by honouring him with more than 30 awards. In 1997, at the age of 31, he was the youngest person inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame. 19 years later, he was awarded the industry’s highest honour by inducting him into the SEMA Hall of Fame. Chip Foose has also lent his design talents to Katkin by creating a Special Edition line of leather interiors.

Marketing SEMA as an Annual Celebration for Restylers

2016 was the 50th Anniversary of The SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV2016 was the 50th Anniversary of The SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV

The Katzkin marketing machine reaches a crescendo at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. As this is the biggest car event, it’s also an Annual Celebration for industry insiders from across the continent. Consequently, the power of their marketing department is on full display with many of the vehicles sporting Katzkin sponsored interiors.

The Katzkin Booth is the anchor featuring a smartly dressed display of Katzkin leather seats and other marketing tools. As a result, the booth becomes the  business hub where regional sales managers reinforce loyalty and create new relationships. A highlight of SEMA is the mid-week Katzkin Party; an event where restyling companies can sit back and talk shop.

That’s a peek into Katzkin and the Industry they helped build. All in all, their a pretty amazing company with a great history.

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