Five Of The Best Off-Road Locations To Take Your Jeep In North America

Promaster Parts 5 off-road locations for Jeep Lovers


A fantastic choice, both for beginners and more advanced drivers. This intimate route takes you through the dense forests of BC, and can be completed in roughly 2 days in drier conditions. However, if you’re really up for the challenge, this off-road route offers a bumpier ride during wetter or snowier seasons, with thick mud and confined roads to truly put your vehicle to the test.


Stretching at well over 200km, Mojave Road provides the ultimate sense of freedom. In the desert across Nevada and California, the sand dunes and mountainous views provide a route that is both scenic, and a long-haul for those up for a lengthier journey. Also with the beautiful Lake Mojave (who doesn’t love a mid-journey swim?), there’s something for everyone in this beginner-to-intermediate trail, with the occasional bumpy challenges.


The Trans-America trail has it all. Beginning in New York or North Carolina coasts, this route ends in either Oregon or California, and stretches the width of the continent. The journey includes the deserts of Utah, the Sawtooth National Forest of Idaho, and countless other breathtaking views and off-road challenges. You can begin and end wherever you like, take beginner routes or challenging off-road stretches, andexperience five thousand miles of off-road wonder.


A fifty-six mile section of the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina, Cape Lookout National Seashore is the perfect opportunity to experience true serenity with your Jeep. With no paved roads, driving on the sand has never been so peaceful. With speed limits to ensure safety and areas designated for cruising, you can take in the beauty of North Carolina and enjoy all that the aptly named Crystal Coast has to offer.


A choice for experienced off-roaders, Ruby Falls is a highly enjoyable challenge when the snows fall during colder months.With worn-down tracks, steep hills, mud holes, and of course the stunning Canadian wilderness, this is not a trail to be missed. But be sure to bring some friends along for the ride because you never know where you might get jammed! Then again, there are worse places to be stuck for a while...

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