How To Prepare For Fall Road Trips

prepare your vehicle for road trips

Road trips can either be enjoyable or totally suck.

Driving long hours and sitting in tight spaces can be really stressful, especially when the ride is boring, or if there’s a lack of comfort.

Many prepare so much for where they’re going to stay, what they’re going to bring or wear, etc.

However, some tend to forget that long hours on the road requires preparation of its own.

Here are some steps to ensuring a successful long drive.

Important Accessories

There are things that every vehicle owner should carry to combat any unfortunate situation.

Accessories to carry are:

  • First aid kit,
  • Toolbox,
  • Power cables,
  • Wipes and tissues,
  • Engine oil,
  • Sanitizer,
  • Steering wheel and clutch lock,
  • and pen and paper.

These essential accessories are forgotten more often than not, despite how these items can really save the day on any random occasion.

In regards to engine oil, a toolbox, or power cables, breakdowns are quite prevalent during road trips—running a vehicle for long periods of time, especially older models can take a toll.

A toolbox will help with smaller repairs, or if you need to replace your tire. Power cables will jumpstart your vehicle for the time being so you can make that run to the nearest shop to replace your battery. Engine oil is imperative for your engine to run at its best—older vehicles tend to burn motor oil a lot quicker, and if you’re not checking consistently, you could be well on your way to bringing your engine to the grave.

A first aid kit will help with minor injuries and cuts, while wipes or sanitizer will keep you clean, especially for those hungry passengers snacking on chips during the drive.

A steering wheel and clutch locks are great ways to keep your vehicle secure, especially when parking your vehicle in unknown areas—it’ll keep the shady pedestrians away.

A pen and paper are great for taking down information—accidents, parking stall numbers, license plates—having easy access can really save you time, money and other problems.

Interior Helpers

Having to sit in a vehicle for a long period of time can have some health detriments.

Body and sitting posture can be affected, along with the lack of air or scent. If it wasn’t difficult enough, not dressing according to the weather can ruin anyone’s mood.

To assist passengers and drivers who have spinal or comfort problems, external, Custom-Fit to Universal accessories can be a real difference maker.

For example, Custom-Fit Seat Covers that are based on your year, make and model can be superb—fabrics like atomic, neoprene or OEM can prevent you from sweating in the heat, or freezing against the cold dependant on your vehicle’s stock seats. Nonetheless, a lot of food and drink is consumed during road trips, so the protection from stains and damages is crucial to making sure your interior stays spotless. Search custom seat covers for your vehicle here.

Lumbar supports are terrific products—we recommend our manual pneumatic lumbar support that has two pieces; the bladder and the pump. Place anywhere on your seat, based on where your back or spine needs support. This will prevent your back from tightening, or worse in extreme cases. Browse our lumbar support here.

External air filters or air fresheners are always a great, classic accessory to keep in the car.

Vent clips or air fresheners that stick onto the dash of your vehicle are the best ways to keep the wonky, old-school air fresheners from waving in your face.

Depending on where you drive, how long you’ve been in the car for, opening the window isn’t always the best option.

To filter any bad smells without opening the window for freezing wind, these cheap air trinkets will help with any stinky situation.

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