Moon Shine Camo® now available on Pacific Restyling

Moon Shine Camo available on Pacific Restyling Amazon

Pacific Restyling, SCC Northwest partnering to offer Moon Shine Camo®

Pacific Restyling is proud to announce a partnership with SCC Northwest to bring the popular, lifestyle camouflage pattern, Moon Shine Camo®.

The lifestyle camouflage brand will be available in several different patterns: Muddy Girl, Serenity, Wildfire, Harvest Moon, Toxic, and Undertow. Products that are available for purchase are: custom-fit seat covers, dog seat covers, steering wheel covers, and heated seat cushions.

Pacific Restyling will also exclusively offer all six Moon Shine Camo® patterns for Atomic Universal Seat Covers.


Moon Shine Camo® covers are made using an atomic fabric: water resistant, provides protection against UV rays, strong and durable for pets, and suitable for any vehicle owner’s work industry or lifestyle.

Moon Shine Camo®’s camouflage family is a lifestyle pattern focused on evolving typical clothing and camouflage to a new level of self-expression.

The concepts stem from the history and traditional values of the everyday worker, from hunters, farmers, to soldiers and patriots in North America.

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