Pacific Restyling Products now offering Rear Seat Protection

atomic heavy duty dog pet seat covers

Pacific Restyling introduce new Rear Seat Protection

Now you can take new steps to restore order in your vehicle’s interior.

Pacific Restyling will offer the Rear Seat Protection as a solution to havoc the elements of the outside world can wreak. They will soon be available in the Atomic fabric.

Customers will have the option to purchase the Atomic covers in a variety of new patterns from Moon Shine, Mossy Oak, and Realtree; if there don't take your fancy, there's always the standard, classy black option.

Rear Seat Protection covers are already available in Vinyl in three shades: black, grey or tan.

These multi-functional covers will provide protection to a variety of issues—equipment and tool damage, dirt, wear and tear, and more, ensuring the quality of your vehicles interior remains intact.

Both the vinyl and atomic covers are waterproof and water resistant, respectively, which gives the owner an easy-to-clean process when it comes to stains and unwanted filth.

These seat covers are convenient to any vehicle owner—simple to install, removes easily, and can be folded and stored in the trunk storage.

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