Six Surfing Tips for Rookies

Six Surfing Tips for Rookies

Summer is here in full force. What better time to take to the seas and start conquering waves?

But hold on a second - becoming a surf god doesn’t happen overnight. Here are a few simple but useful tips to get you started on the right path.

1. Prepare!

This is a bit of a basic one. It’s easy to get excited when you start a new hobby or sport, but be sure to take your time and ensure you have everything you need. Having the correct equipment (clothing, surfboard, etc.) can often draw the line between failure and success.

2. Take it easy

Seeing a Zac Efron-type figure strolling down the beach, surfboard underarm, after triumphantly mastering an ungodly wave is something any budding surfer aspires towards… but not so fast. Perfection takes time, and running straight for the first big wave you see will only end up with you being washed onto the shore wishing you hadn't been so 'brave'. Take your time, paddle, begin on steadier waters, and build your way up! You’ll blend into the Baywatch team in due time.

3. Don't go it alone

Aside from it being no fun, it’s never a good idea to learn a potentially risky hobby on your own. Bring a friend with you, and watch each other’s backs - you may not get swept out to sea, but the risk of injury and danger in the water is reduced with more than one pair of eyes!

4. Embrace the fall

One of the most common parts of learning something new is the frustration at not getting it right. And when you keep not getting it right, you keep getting more and more frustrated, and it just turns into a vicious circle. Remember that nobody picked up a surfboard and learnt how to ride the seas within the hour. Surfing is tricky - it requires balance, patience, and, most importantly, error. You’ll get there, but until you do, allow yourself to accept that falling gracelessly into the water on your backside is part of the fun.

5. Be comfortable

Surfing extends beyond your time in the water. When travelling to and from beaches, you want to make sure your gear is safe and secure, and the trip is hassle free. Waterproofing your vehicle is a large part of this, and Neo-Ultra Custom-Fit Seat Covers are the perfect way to keep your vehicle’s interior dry and intact.

6. Have a blast!

Despite the tips, make sure you don’t get too bogged down in treating surfing like something you have to learn. Instead remember this - it’s something that you want to learn! What use is it flailing about in the waves if you can’t laugh at yourself and your friends in the process? Take the time to enjoy yourself, and make memories of your endeavour. Happy surfing!

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