Interior Car Accessories for Seats

Interior Car Accessories – Leather Seat Covers with Seat Heaters and Lumbar Support

Interior Car Accessories for Seats

The Trio of Comfort is a grouping of Interior Car Accessories for Seats. They appeal to many of our senses including Smell, Sight, Touch and also triggers relaxation through sensation. Leather has an aroma, a soft touch or feel and you can clearly see that it can take your vehicle interior up another level. While Seat Warmers are out of sight, their effect can certainly be felt. Lumbar Support may be the unsung hero of the group, but it serves a fundamental purpose; a lumbar system makes your seat much more comfortable, especially on long drives. Without this foundation any drive would simply be uncomfortable and No Armani, Gucci, Prada or Louis Vuitton automotive leather would change that.

Automotive Leather Seats are the Star of the Show

Well for starters, Imagine that smell of brand new leather … it sends us to faraway places. We imagine adventures, the rugged outdoors or open fields as far as the eye can see; it’s primal and we connect with that. It’s also a standard symbol of luxury. Then there’s the feel of leather … the sensation when you touch it, the softness, the grain of the hide. We may not openly say it, but you have to admit that you feel different when you’re sitting on leather seats. Of all the interior car accessories, leather gives you the biggest wow factor and if you feel this way, chances are that the person who buys your vehicle will feel the same. Take care of it by cleaning and conditioning it once every year or two.

Seat Warmers take the chill off and can lower blood pressure

Do you remember the days when you got into you vehicle and it was really cold out? You had to wait 10 minutes for the engine to heat-up so you weren’t blasting cold air onto yourself. Remember the times in Spring or Fall when you would have liked to open your windows or have the Convertible Top down. You didn’t because it was a bit too cool outside.

Now imagine the soothing effects of heat against your body by simply pressing a switch; No more freezing seats in the winter and more enjoyable September weather driving. Seat heaters can be installed in the front row, second row and even the third row in a minivan.

Just because your SUV or Truck doesn’t have factory installed heaters, doesn’t mean you can’t get them. You just have to tell the Salesperson at the Dealership that you want Aftermarket Seat Heaters installed. If they won’t help you then give us a call.

Lumbar Support can Eliminate Lower Back Pain.

If the Seats are an important consideration when buying, then the Most Important of All Interior Car Accessories is the Lumbar Support. Think about it, How do we drive? We Sit, Steer, Accelerate, Brake or Park. It’s really that simple. If the seats aren’t comfortable, there’s a good chance it will affect how you feel about your new vehicle. The facts are;

  • The number of licensed drivers in Canada is 25 Million and 225 Million in the U.S.
  • 75% of people who work sit for extended periods of time.
  • 25% of the general population experiences lower back pain at any given time.
  • More than 80% of Canadians and Americans will experience back pain

Lower Back Pain Solutions for Automobiles

Seat Cushion Comfort Checklist
  1. Does it feel comfortable sliding in and out of the car – Does the outside edge of the seat bother you when getting in and out?
  2. Does the front edge of the seat cut-off circulation – Can you adjust this?
  3. Is the seat cushion too soft – How well does it support your body?
Backrest Comfort Checklist
  1. Are you comfortable entering and exiting the vehicle – Does the side bolster interfere or is it in the way?
  2. Is the bolster area supportive when turning corners – Does it hold you in place properly?
  3. How comfortable is your back – Arch your back to test the amount of support you’d need to make it comfortable. Remember that you will be in your vehicle 30 to 60 minutes driving to work.
  4. Compare the difference in comfort by sitting in a seat with a lumbar support and one without; Once you try it you’ll want it.


The Trio of Comfort starts with comfortable automotive seating. That means, making sure the cushion and backrest provide the support you need to enjoy your time driving. In most cases, a lumbar support system should do the trick.

The next upgrade is usually a new leather interior that looks like a stock factory kit. However, if you’re more adventurous you can customize it with 2-tone inserts with perforation, contrast stitching; just let your imagination as tame or as wild as you want.

Lastly, Install Seat Heaters under your leather covers to provide comforting heat on those bone chilling days and help soothe frustrations away when you’re stressed. Either way, once you’ve had seat warmers you’ll never buy another car without them.